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Utilize these essential techniques to tackle hysterectomy side effects allowing you to have a smooth hysterectomy recovery.

Learn simple exercises after hysterectomy to ease your pain, to avoid that dreaded weight gain after hysterectomy and also to help speed up your recovery.  

From: Mercy Andres

Dear: Hysterectomy Bound Friend

Whether you are about to have hysterectomy or presently recovering from hysterectomy, I am sure there are questions that you are seeking answers for. Questions like:

  • What are the side effects of hysterectomy?
  • How long will I fully recover after hysterectomy?
  • Can I do my normal activities after I had the operation?
  • What exercises can I do after hysterectomy?
  • How will I deal with pain after hysterectomy?
  • How to manage weight gain after hysterectomy?
  • Is sex after hysterectomy allowed?

and many others!

I’ve been through the hysterectomy process unfortunately twice so I know what you’re dealing with!

My name is Mercy Andres. Prior to the total abdominal hysterectomy I had, I had also been through two surgical procedures directly related to it. Unfortunately, my experience from the two earlier operations was not good but as a result of that, I learned ways that enabled me to go through the third operation smoothly and in record time. It could be very daunting and stressful to undergo any type of hysterectomy but it should not be if you have good knowledge and understanding of the procedure and the challenges arising from it.

Through my experience I had been of help to friends and acquaintances who went through the same operation. It definitely helped them and I knew that I had to share the simple approach I discovered with others who could benefit.

After talking to women who had hysterectomy, I discovered that they have horrendous experiences after the operation-some battled with complications that can easily be avoided. I also witnessed how hard my co-patients in the hospital struggled after their surgery. It is then my intention to help others who can benefit from what I have been able to accomplish so that they have options with them going through the process. 

Believe me, I know how scary it is to hear from your doctor that the ultimate solution to your pain is a hysterectomy…

…if you are just like me, the first thing that bothered you is the risk involved.

Worry or fear is the natural response especially if you have little understanding of what you are to go through. I came across distressing information that you too might have come across when you try to do your own research i.e. in the Internet, in your local library or even from a terrible experience your friend or relative had. 

I believe part of being scared is in not knowing what to expect at all.

I am here to offer help based on my experience and research saving you a time doing your own investigation. If you are decided and set to undergo hysterectomy then you have come to the right site, a one-stop place to find answers to many of your questions. It is my sincere hope that after reading what I am about to share with you, you will be at peace, as you yourself will undergo the process that I have been through.

Most women about to go through a hysterectomy are unprepared because they are left in the dark. They don’t even know what questions to ask their doctor.

  • They have health concerns but they don't know what questions to ask their doctor.
  • They expect to be told all there is about their operation but this is seldom the case.

Some are not advised of the possible risks, complications and side effects involved in the process.

  • Knowing the possible complications and side effects could have led them to other decisions.
  • A thorough knowledge of the risks, complications and side effects could have prepared them on how to tackle these when they occur.

Most women don’t realize that Poor Health can actually delay recovery by months but unfortunately doctors rarely mention this and can even result in the surgery being cancelled if you are unwell!

  • Many women do not realize that their health and fitness before the operation has a huge effect on their recovery. 
  • Cardio is not something that most women even consider being a challenge but a great percentage are actually not healthy enough to go through the operation because of this.
  • They do not realize the importance of boosting their immune system before the surgery.
  • They do not know what food supplement to take before and after hysterectomy to help in their recovery.
  • They fail to understand the importance of being physically fit hence this is not included in their plan before their operation.
  • Many women lack mental preparation before their operation that could have devastating effect. 

Because of lack of advice, most women do not have a plan on what to do before and after the operation and during their stay at the hospital. This results in unnecessary stress that delays their recovery.

  • They don’t have a checklist on what to take with them to hospital so they do not have the necessities that would make their hospital stay more relaxing. This causes them to have to buy things while in the hospital causing additional stress.
  • They don’t have a plan on who will take charge of their responsibilities at home and at work while they are in hospital and while recovering.
  • They did not plan for support network especially when living alone.

Many women are uninformed on the step-by-step procedure of their operation. This causes anxiety that impedes their recovery.

  • You have a date for your operation, now what?
  • They are not briefed properly on what to do and not to do on the day of operation which can result to cancellation of their operation
  • What to expect when you wake up after the operation.
  • They are not advised on the policy of receiving visitors?

With planning out recovery time after surgery, most women will either plan too little or too much time, either way it will cause them unneeded stress.

  • Don’t know how to plan activities accordingly as they do not know how long before they can go back to work
  • Some book holidays too soon and it would be an additional stress canceling or rebooking the holiday.
  • They don’t book enough time off work causing conflict with their colleagues or employers when they extend their time off work.
  • Others over book for time off work. This result to boredom and depression especially if living alone.

Weight gain can be a common side effect of hysterectomy which can cause undue stress mentally as well as physically but many women do not have a plan to tackle this.

  • They do not plan on what food to eat that are low in calories yet still ensuring they get all the nutrients their body need.
  • They do not know what actually causes weight gain after hysterectomy.
  • They do not plan out their meals so that food preparation is minimal.
  • They do not consider how to optimize their metabolism to help keep the weight off. Learn how to increase your metabolism in the bonus book that I have included.
  • Exercise is big part of keeping the weight off but many are putting this off thinking exercise will do them harm
  • They do not know the relationship of stress and lack of sleep on their weight gain.

To some women, going through hysterectomy puts a strain in their relationship with their spouses, as they don’t know how long after the operation that sex is allowed or if they can still have orgasm.

  • They have the wrong assumption that sex can’t be enjoyed after hysterectomy

Unfortunately, depression is a common side effect of hysterectomy but many women are not aware of this and so they do not take steps to avoid the chance of this happening to them.

  • They do not know how simple change in their diet or taking some food supplements can help combat depression.
  • They’re not mentally prepared enough and for some women they can go into depression that can last for months.
  • They do not have a good support system especially when they are living alone.

Stop worrying! In the “Recovering From Hysterectomy E-book” you will be empowered, confident and feel in control as you will be armed with true experienced knowledge!

Here’s an overview of what’s going to be covered:

Chapter 1: What are the possible risks, complications and side effects resulting from undergoing hysterectomy? Questions to ask your doctor.

Chapter 2:
How your health and fitness before the operation affect your recovery.

Chapter 3: Why good Planning for the operation is crucial-things to do before and after the operation and whilst in hospital.

Chapter 4: The step-by-step process from the pre surgical examination until you regain consciousness.

Chapter 5: How long will you be away from work?

Chapter 6: What exercises can you do after hysterectomy and how long can you be able to do exercise?

Chapter 7: How to deal with possible depression after hysterectomy.

Chapter 8: How long after hysterectomy is sex allowed and can you still have orgasm after hysterectomy?

Chapter 9: How to deal with possible weight gain after hysterectomy. Recipes for easy to prepare low calorie meals.

Risks, complications and side effects resulting from undergoing hysterectomy.

As with any other kind of operation, there are risks involved when you undergo hysterectomy but technology has now advanced so the risks and complications are minimal. Possible risks are bleeding, infection, damage to surrounding tissues and organs and blood clots. The side effect of anesthesia too is very unpleasant and it is worth knowing the remedy of each challenge before they happen.

Know the step-by-step process on what you will go through- from the pre surgical examination up until you regain “consciousness”.

Pre Surgical Examination

The pre-surgical visit is generally scheduled within the week before surgery. During this time you will be examined and your medical history is reviewed. Certain tests need to be done at this stage to determine your fitness for the operation.

Before Surgery

You should have received instructions during your pre-surgical visit on what to do and not to do before your operati that you adhere to these instructions for your own safety and to avoid your operation being cancelled.on. It’s crucial.

Pre Operative Preparation

The steps vary but generally this is a guide for you on what to expect once you checked-in into the hospital then to the operating theatre. Being aware of the step-by-step process eliminates anxiety on your part and makes you more comfortable as you go through each of the process.

After The Operation

Again, this is a guide for you and your family/carer as to what happens immediately after the operation. If this is the first time for you to undergo an operation, I urge you to know what to expect once you wake up for the first time after the operation. You will be feeling a lot of discomfort and pain as the anesthesia wears out and you don’t know where the pain is coming from–on your wound, throat, etc. but do not be alarmed. Being aware of the challenges now is half the battle in overcoming them.

Your health and fitness before the operation affect your recovery. Give this a priority if you want to be up and running in weeks rather than months.

I can’t stress enough the importance of looking into the state of your health at least three weeks before your operation. I have witnessed women whose appointments were cancelled on the day of operation simply because they had cough or colds two weeks prior. Sadly, through my experiences, doctors do not stress this pre-caution. Be physically and mentally fit-boost your immune system. Easily said but how? Learn of my simple approach.

How long will you be away from work or how long can you be able to do exercise after hysterectomy?

There are several factors that affect your recovery time which determines how long you will be away from work or can do exercise. Factors like what kind of work do you do or how much time do you spend traveling to work, what type of hysterectomy was performed on you? Each individual is different. 

Keep your weight gain after hysterectomy to a minimum by knowing how much and what types of food to be eating. Learn other factors that may contribute to your weight gain.

It’s not just knowing how much to eat that helps weight gain to a minimum but knowing the right type of food to eat as well and even when and how often to eat.

Learn also how keeping stress to a minimum and getting enough sleep are simple steps to avoid that dreaded weight gain after hysterectomy. Disciplining yourself on what to do and not to do help you keep in shape and by the way, do not be resigned to the common myth that hysterectomy causes weight gain. 

Some women suffer from depression after hysterectomy so the best way to tackle this is to be aware that it can happen. Be aware of the symptoms!

Mental preparation before your operation is a good start to avoid depression after hysterectomy. Is it settled in your mind that hysterectomy is the best solution to your problem? Believe that it is so and as difficult as it may be, embrace what’s happening and focus on the end result.

I also discovered that eating proper diet and taking a good food supplement help combat depression.

Can women enjoy sex after a hysterectomy? When is sex allowed and can you still have orgasm after the operation?

This is a very common concern for women who are about to have hysterectomy. Not understanding what would really happen is enough to put a strain in a couple’s relationship.

In general, there should have no effect on your sex life after hysterectomy but depending on the type of hysterectomy one had, some may experience pain during intercourse. Others’ discomfort may also arise because of menopause caused by their operation. Find out some steps on how to sail through the challenges of menopause.

Knowing what I know now through research and through my experience I am offering you my unique approach so you can avoid the agony of a long, stressful and painful recovery.

I save you time doing your own research as I have done it all for you. There are many information I wish others should have urged me to know before undergoing hysterectomy but sadly not. For your own benefit, I included these in my E-book Recovering From Hysterectomy. If you are about to undergo hysterectomy or just had one, then be empowered as you go through the same process I had by learning of the information contained in this E-book. I can go on to say that just by possessing the knowledge contained herein, your battle is already half won!

The benefits of the approach I am offering you are far beyond its cost of only $17.95
Here’s why it’s completely worth the cost:

Even if you went to an expert at $100 per visit, they will not give you this type of information that can really come from someone who has gone through the process more than once. So you can either go see an expert 2, 3 times at $200-$300 or you can get hands on information from someone who has gone through all aspects of this process for only $17.95. A very small price to ensure you have a smooth recovery with the least pain and stress possible.

I want to make sure that you have all the relevant information at your fingertips that I have included bonuses worth $60 to help you go through the process and recover smoothly and quickly.

Bonus # 1 - How to Boost Your Metabolism (Value $25)

Boost your metabolism and make it easier to lose weight.

Do you know that by getting just the right amount of sleep can help your metabolism grow strong? (Plus 6 tricks for getting to sleep on time). (Pages 30-32).

Learn the truth behind calories and how your body deals with them (it's the same with fruit as with ice cream). (Pages 11-14).

Bonus # 2 - Maintaining Health (Value $35)

Health is the most valuable of all possessions, for with health one can attain anything else within reason. We should desire and acquire good health because when healthy we are at our maximum efficiency.

In this book you learn how good mental attitude, food and exercise are all important to maintain good health. This is a must to read to maintain good health.

Put the entire risk on me! Take advantage of my no questions ask 30 day money back Guarantee!

I know there are much information out there about hysterectomy but are these really helpful at all or negatively depressing and scary? What I will share with you is a comprehensive simple approach I discovered to ensure you have a smooth and speedy recovery. If it will not benefit you at all then I am happy to give you a full 100% refund of your money. Yes, and in the unlikely event that you return it, you can keep the bonus that I am including with your purchase.

Order your copy now by clicking on the link below.


Mercy Andres

Mercy Andres

PS: Remember that the sooner you buy this Ebook Recovering from Hysterectomy from someone who had been through the experience herself and start applying the techniques contained therein the quicker you will reap the benefits of a quicker recovery with the least stress possible for only $17.95.

PPS: Don’t forget about the two bonuses: 1. How to Boost Your Metabolism ($25)- very helpful tool in minimizing your weight gain especially so that your physical activity will be limited as you recover from your operation. 2. Maintaining Health ($35)-a must to read by everyone that has breath in order to maintain good health. Learn of the important factors to maintain good health.

PPPS: Your purchase is fully guaranteed. Try it for 30 days and if it does not help you at all just send it back and we’ll fully refund the purchase price. Plus you get to keep the $60 worth of valuable bonuses. What have you got to lose? Nothing! Click on the link below now for your copy of Recovering From Hysterectomy.

PPPPS: You owe yourself to be completely informed and prepared for going through hysterectomy so that you can recover as effectively and as quickly as possible. Click here now to take your first step on how to go through your hysterectomy with confidence. It is wise to learn from other’s experience and pain not yours so click on the link now for your copy of Recovering From Hysterectomy for only $17.95.

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